Kulfi - From India To NYC:

The earliest most vivid memories of my childhood are those hot, humid days in New Delhi, India when waiting with my sister for thekulfiwala (ice cream vendor). The man in question would arrive in a hand driven cart and used to throng our colony in the afternoons. There were no fancy trucks adorned with cartoon characters, or replete with freezers and shiny counters, but just a humble hand-painted wooden frame open on all sides sitting atop a cart. It was driven by the push of the hand and a ringing bell (which doubled up both as horn on the road & a signal to the kids in the neighborhood).
There were numerous stacked, wooden boxes lined with sacks and filled with crushed salted ice; and inside the slotted cases were the multiple flavors of kulfi. In today’s world, it may seem ridiculous, but for those few moments this decision was the most momentous decision of our young lives. The smell of cardamom & chai still evoke the adventure, innocence, and carelessness of childhood for me to this day.
Today the exiles from India are still Indians, but of two kinds — the first generation, for whom the longing for the taste of home is sharp, and the second generation, for whom it is more subtle, yet still strong. Now, as a new generation discovers how far it has come from its roots, it will feel that much closer…after tasting 'The Kulfi Co.' products.

A Word From the Founder - Pooja:

Your First Taste Of Kulfi Isn’t Something You Can Quite Describe Or Forget-Kind Of Like The Feeling Of White Sand On Your Feet. It’s An Ultimate Adult Reward and Reminder Of The Emotions And Challenges That We Sometimes Go Through In The Span Of Just One Day. It Is An Experience. In An Increasingly Digitally Saturated World Where Interaction Is Limited, I Urge You To Share This Experience With Others. That Is The Raison-Oeutre Of ‘The Kulfi Co.’